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My original Macintosh game from back in 2008 where a zombie outbreak has taken out the artificial settlement Ziltron. Their origin is unknown. A group of specially trained marines are sent in to investigate.

Their mission objectives:
  • Discover the source of the outbreak
  • Rescue any survivors
  • Eliminate all hostile presence


  • 6 Playable characters to rescue
  • 10 Missions
  • 21 Levels in total
  • Final boss battle on the 10th mission
  • Player performance rankings
  • Individual Survivor endings


3.0.0 - New improved Stencyl powered engine with added features and Xbox One Controller support
2.2.1 - Added High Sierra and iPhone X compatibility
2.2.0 - Gamepad/Joystick support added
2.1.3 - Fixed some transparency issues that may have been experienced
2.1.2 - Updated the game engine to the latest version for all platforms
2.1.1 - Fixed an issue that prevented on screen controls from being shown
2.1.0 - Added a new arcade style hi-score system and better OS detection
2.0.0 - New game engine, music, zombies, achievements and more.
1.0.0 - Initial Release


“...for gamers who love horror, intense fighting, and shooting, scary character and fabulous graphical engineering, quality games play on iPhone, iPad and even in iPod touch.”
~Mobile Apps Review

"Soulless hits a fun 90’s vibe all of the way with it’s level design, gameplay mechanics, and the ramped up difficulty that you’ll find later on..."
~App Store Arcade

"...comes with intuitive keyboard controls, 1990s like graphics and an interesting story that slowly reveals itself as you progress through the game."

"Full of suspense and action, it’s not just about shooting Zombies, but a mission to save Ziltron – Love the story and gameplay, it will surely get you hooked!"
~Best Tizen Apps

"...a classic 2D platform game, a bit of retro, and I assure you that everyone will enjoy playing it."

“...It's a pretty good attempt for a first try...”
~Inside Mac Games