Elizabeth is a co-author in the book Inspirational Bible: A Book for Humanity

Elizabeth Blades  Page in the book is 171.

It was her very first piece in print.



 Elizabeth Blade Titles can be purchased now on AMAZON. 

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Extracts from Murder Under a Dark Sky (Crime Novel in Progress)

Time doesn’t stand still, it keeps rolling on by, the people in the this town are either zombies or back stabbers, or mindless souls that surprises me that has lived this far. 

I risk my life everyday in this job, but its worth it, to find the family, and loved ones some answers to what has happened to the people that met there maker way to quick in this life. 

A simple flower, a simple rose. Flowers are a place where love goes. A rose says I love you, I’m sorry and good bye, a rose can say so many things and the sheer gesture can make us cry. A rose is just a rose but it can mean so much more. For sweeter times, for sweeter tomorrows, for sad good byes. A rose is where your love goes. 


Elizabeth is also in progress with some novels including:

Crime Novel: Murder Under a Dark Sky 

Fantasy Thriller: Dreya’s Hope

Quotes from Dreya’s Hope

“Chosen Crystal light people picked from Gods above who to live and who to die. Some die and some live on. Death happens in this land but hardly anyone ever sees it.”

“Devastation has touched her in ways that she has never felt before.
She lived alone on top of a icy hill.”