Elizabeth adores poetry and has recently published Volume 1 of her Poetry Series: In Motion with Devotion


Extracts from some of the poems in the book:

Life Is Flashing By

I wish I could show the world what I see through my eyes. But they will never see what I see inside.

Everything I Do

Lets just dance this night away.
Listen to the music that we know well, let us be under the moon so still.
Take my hand, understand that my heart was made for you.

Silence Kicks In

I see the leaves off the trees fallen down.
How they crinkle and turn to dust beneath me.

The Minds Of Me

Babies are crying, mouths go hungry and people go weak.
We are the people that ignore and we don’t choose to seek.

Worlds Collide

Let us show the love that humanity does know of.
Let us give thanks for what we have.
Don’t wish for more.
Just be who you are, forever more.



“A very insightful read by Elizabeth Blade. Thought provoking, intriguing & it will leave you wanting more! To anyone who has ever triumphed over heartbreak & tragedy I would recommend this beautifully, well written and timeless piece! Destined to become a favorite! ” – Melanie (California)