“No matter the era of the song – let the words make you feel the emotion.” 

Elizabeth writes lyrics that are powerful, emotional and have a message – a message connected with a memory; lyrics that leave a lasting imprint.

“Take my hand and dance this moonlight dance. Dance this night away. Under the moonlit night under the stars lets drag them all down and make them ours. Take my hand and feel my heart, can you feel the beat of the rhythm?” Lyrics from Moonlight Dance

“So tonight with the world around us.. Think of the kids of the world. They are pure and they have the cure to make you smile inside. Kids of the world they need to be told love and caring is the the key. Love is for all eternity.”Lyrics from Kids Of The World


Do you want some original lyrics written for a special occasion – a birthday, a wedding, a proposal or a time of memorial at a rememberance service or funeral?

Do you want some inspirational words to go inside a card for a loved one or for a speech or perhaps words that can be printed on a wall hanging or even as a cushion cover or pillow slip?

Email today at with your request and I can get to work right away crafting, creating and contributing words for you that will be heartfelt and inspiring.

Elizabeth Blade

Creative Words Artist



Liz Blade

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Get out of my face- Listen now!

Song written by Liz Blade. Film Clip made by Liz Blade. Singing and Music by LaQuinton Holliday