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Wow, here we are four months into the year and this is my first blog post.. Where have I been? I have been right here. Where is here? I hear you ask. ( okay well I didn’t hear you say that but lets just say that I did )

I have been typing away on my computer, creating stories, finishing MY FIRST BOOK IN PRINT! Yes! It’s wonderful isn’t it? My very first book is here. In PRINT for all of you to read ( Thats if you wish to read it )

The new book of mine is called A Rising Moon on Domestic Violence, from the lovely people that have read it so far its been a positive and a wonderful uplifting experience. The words I have written in the book is raw and very real. By real I mean it is happening everywhere around the globe and I am the voice of advocacy. I tell you the stories in poetic form.

It was very emotional to write, because lets face it, its a very emotional topic for many. One topic that should never be.


Well I have a lot to update you all on, Last year in 2016 I co-authored several books, quite a few went to INTERNATIONAL BEST SELLER! Which I am extremely proud about.


The books I appeared last year in are

  • Women on a Mission : Stories of Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs
  • From Fear To Freedom
  • Black, Blue, & Purple Pain – A Domestic Violence Awareness Anthology
  • Echoes in the Darkness
  • Women on a Mission : Sisterhood of stories
  • Women of Faith : Their Untold Stories Revealed
  • Women of Faith : Their Untold Stories Revealed  * Prayers of Faith *

If there is any more I have forgotten to mention, um I was in them too! Thanks for the opportunity 😉


Also last year in May I was on Las Vegas radio ! That was A LOT OF fun! It was an hour long interview which you can hear that here –>>–a-rising-moon-on-domestic-violence

I was also interviewed in the Huffington Post

Here is another interview from last year in the Waking Writer blog

Meet Australian Poet, Elizabeth Blade

Also a interview in Leadership Girl :

A lot has updated since then.  I have released my book as I have mentioned earlier in this post.

I am working on more books. I cannot wait to share with you all on whats coming next!

If you managed to get to the end of this blog ( A HUGE THANK YOU ) and could you please share this post with others? The word that gets around about me will make little ol’ me known to someone else. 🙂


Here is a link to my book A Rising Moon on Domestic Violence if you wish to purchase it

A lot happened last year and I hope even more happens this year. The more people that spread the word around about me and what I do with my writing the better. I hope within myself to inspire many people.

Never let anyone tell you that you cannot do what your heart desires. Show them that you can!

Thank you for reading this blog.

( Don’t forget to share!! ) 😀 !!!



Elizabeth Blade




Black, Blue & Purple Pain A Domestic Violence Awareness Anthology

Sometimes in life you look over your own life in full. The good times, The bad bad times. Even the most heart aching and gut wrenching of times.

Over the years of my life all I have ever wanted to do was share my writing with the world, how the words dance across the page, poetry in motion and written with devotion from a place deep within my heart.

Earlier this year I was asked by a dear friend Laurie if I would like to write in a book called Black, Blue & Purple Pain A Domestic Violence Awareness Anthology, as she knew I was writing a book on that subject on my own, I jumped at the chance and said yes. I spoke to the compiler Angel L Woodz introducing myself, asking all kinds of questions that was responded in a way that made me feel included into such a book with a powerful message and it is.

I am proud to say that I am a co-author of this book. The subject in nature that needs a spotlight on it, so many people go through it, they truly endure such pain, pain that should never be. So the men and women of this book came together and wrote such powerful pieces.

I wrote from the heart, from a place in my inner mind.  My piece in the book is called ‘Invisible Shackles’ It is a inspired piece, one I hope sends a message to all those that read it.

Here is a small piece taken from the book 

Invisible Shackles - by Elizabeth Blade

Invisible Shackles – by Elizabeth Blade


Available for download

Available for download

Award Winning -Author Angel L Woodz

Award Winning -Author
Angel L Woodz


Please also join us on Facebook for the event


Facebook Event

Facebook Event


I would like to give a special thanks to Angel for putting this book together and to all the other authors for making this book what it is.

I would also like to give a special thanks to Laurie for letting me know about this book.

To all that read it, please share it.  90% of the proceeds will be donated to help the victims of domestic violence throughout the sale month. Beginning November 1st, the regular price of $2.99 will be set and 100% of the proceeds from every quarterly sales of royalties totaling $100 or more will then be directly donated.



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