Voices are silenced




In a world where we constantly cry out to be heard we are hushed into silence, shouted down and sometimes even kicked to the ground. The mobs get angry and sometimes I don’t even think they know what they’re angry at anymore.

Voices long to be heard but no one hears a word. The world is becoming absurd. We use to be able to share a variety of opinions without being casted down by the shouting and outraged clowns. They threaten you with violence to throw you into silence to never speak up on how you really feel again.

The left, the right we stand or we fall, why can’t we get along after all? We stick to the script and we never colour outside the lines, we change our history just to suit the current times.

Everyone is ‘offended’ yet most of it is ‘pretended’ just to get a rise out or something to gain by you. We are becoming unglued and nothing is holding us together anymore. My feelings are locked under a bolt and key why idiocy runs rampant. We walk among the asylum; we walk amongst the hostile crowd. If you make a move wrong they shout and they shout you down loud.

So deafening I cannot even gather my own thoughts.

When I’m alone I sit and think of times gone by, when we could get along, where we could listen to the same song without feeling so divided, we shouldn’t have to fight it, we should just let it be. A voice for you, a voice for me.

Biased in the news, people threatened and abused, it’s all so political, but if you choose wrong today it could be critical. Livelihoods, opinions and thoughts are all being ripped down and are under attacked.

We are being programmed to think one way or no way at all.

We should have different views, we should be who want to be not who others that try and make you or break you be.

I am a voice, yet even if I stand alone I will talk in this crowd, if you happen to hear and support what I say let me say thank you and you’re welcome to stay. We can raise our voices and not be silenced and we must tear away the violence.

Our voice as one shall roar once more. A world that is forever changing we’re bound to explore, the truth shall set you free forever more.


Author of A Rising Moon on Domestic Violence

Elizabeth Blade is the author of A Rising Moon on Domestic Violence. She is currently working on a variety of books. You can find her on her facebook page http://Facebook.com/ElizabethBladeWriteror look for her on twitter http://Twitter.com/Moondance_81 (@Moondance_81)

A Rising Moon On Domestic Violence

For my first blog in 2018, I would like to share with you some of the questions people have asked me about this book. A mini interview, I hope will enlighten you with some queries that maybe you even had yourself.


What made you write the book?

It has always been burning at the back of my mind to write something about this, the first poem I wrote about domestic violence was way back in high school. I have seen first hand of what it’s like to be in a domestic violence situation and just how it can overcome people in such a way that they need to fight with their own thoughts and emotions of something so traumatic and horrible. It shouldn’t be happening to anyone. But the sad fact, it is. My hope is one day we wake up from this and it would just be all a bad dream.


Why did you write this in a poetic way?

Poetry to me has always come easily and I just wanted to write separate poems, some are heavily inspired by real life events that have been told to me by a dear family member. I had to write it in such a way that is really raw and emotional. Because it is raw, it is emotional and it’s down right gut wrenching. It’s almost like a scream that in the dark of night that needs to be heard the world over. To wake people up and listen, it’s happening all over the globe to women, men an children alike. I wish I could stamp it out altogether. It’s beyond dreadful what happens to people in the hands of those they thought they could trust or otherwise. Violence of any kind needs to end really.


Is it true you’ve had celebrities help share your work?

The long or short version of that answer? Well here goes. The answer to that is yes, I have had wonderful people share my book ( which I still have to pinch myself about ) I have included a thank you in my book to Lou Diamond Phillips. A lovely man who has starred in some wonderful movies like Young Guns, LaBamba and Bats just to name a few.

Also Ronn Moss  who played Ridge Forrester in Bold & The Beautiful for so many years, as well as play in a band called Player ( Baby Come Back ) was their biggest hit ( a kick back relaxing song I love to hear ) a very kindhearted person who has shared my work and I’m grateful for that.

Also the hardcore wrestling legend Mick Foley he is such a wonderful friend to me, we have chatted now for around six years or so on twitter. I was fortunate enough to meet him when he came to Australia back in 2013 I went backstage to see him and he his such a gentle giant and he made me feel like he was the one there meeting me when it was the other way around.  It was a such a wonderful night. But Mick is such a wonderful person.

Colin Mochrie from Who’s Line is it Anyway? A very funny Canadian whom I admire. He has always retweeted a link about my book to his fans and followers and I am always grateful that he does that. Such a sweet person whom I’d love to meet someday. He always makes me laugh.

I can’t end this without mention Lanny ‘The Genius’ Poffo. The brother of Macho Man Randy Savage Oooohhh YEAH! He wrote a beautiful poem as a introduction to this book, I had a tear in my eye when I read it. I will never forget talking to Lanny on FaceTime…. me in Australia in the dark of night and Lanny in America during the day. We chatted close to an hour I think it was. It was around the time he inducted his brother into the WWE hall of Fame. I emailed Lanny he gave me his number and we have been friends ever since. I am so honored to have a sweet man like Lanny write something so special for my book. I hope his fans will give my poetry a chance and even read what the great man himself wrote for my book. Such a sweet talented man.


Was it emotional to write about such a subject?

Very much so, there was quite a few times I had to stop writing it and just take a breath. Reading over what I wrote was very sad in some parts. I have had people tell me ” I had to put your book down it was a very emotional read I cried a few times” They felt exactly the way I felt when writing it. I have had people also tell me that its ‘very powerful, very raw and real’ that is exactly the point I was aiming for. I wanted it to tell a story in a poetic way and to really drive the subject home to people. It’s not pretty, I wasn’t going to rosie it up and make it all fine and dandy when you’re in such a situation it never is.


Where can I buy the book? ( I get that question quite a lot )

I would love to tell people out there to please google my book. It’s via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Wordery, Book Depository, Waterstones, Foley’s, Angus & Robertson, and nearly 40,000 and growing bookstores throughout the world.

I will leave you this link to my publishers website where you can make a purchase if you wish to check out my book.



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