Voices are silenced




In a world where we constantly cry out to be heard we are hushed into silence, shouted down and sometimes even kicked to the ground. The mobs get angry and sometimes I don’t even think they know what they’re angry at anymore.

Voices long to be heard but no one hears a word. The world is becoming absurd. We use to be able to share a variety of opinions without being casted down by the shouting and outraged clowns. They threaten you with violence to throw you into silence to never speak up on how you really feel again.

The left, the right we stand or we fall, why can’t we get along after all? We stick to the script and we never colour outside the lines, we change our history just to suit the current times.

Everyone is ‘offended’ yet most of it is ‘pretended’ just to get a rise out or something to gain by you. We are becoming unglued and nothing is holding us together anymore. My feelings are locked under a bolt and key why idiocy runs rampant. We walk among the asylum; we walk amongst the hostile crowd. If you make a move wrong they shout and they shout you down loud.

So deafening I cannot even gather my own thoughts.

When I’m alone I sit and think of times gone by, when we could get along, where we could listen to the same song without feeling so divided, we shouldn’t have to fight it, we should just let it be. A voice for you, a voice for me.

Biased in the news, people threatened and abused, it’s all so political, but if you choose wrong today it could be critical. Livelihoods, opinions and thoughts are all being ripped down and are under attacked.

We are being programmed to think one way or no way at all.

We should have different views, we should be who want to be not who others that try and make you or break you be.

I am a voice, yet even if I stand alone I will talk in this crowd, if you happen to hear and support what I say let me say thank you and you’re welcome to stay. We can raise our voices and not be silenced and we must tear away the violence.

Our voice as one shall roar once more. A world that is forever changing we’re bound to explore, the truth shall set you free forever more.


Author of A Rising Moon on Domestic Violence

Elizabeth Blade is the author of A Rising Moon on Domestic Violence. She is currently working on a variety of books. You can find her on her facebook page http://Facebook.com/ElizabethBladeWriteror look for her on twitter http://Twitter.com/Moondance_81 (@Moondance_81)