Poem from 2013

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I stood there naked staring at the shiny moon far above the earth. Standing naked, yet innocent and alone since birth.

I watched the waves clash into the rocks, I watch the moon that glistens down in the water. I can see the stars and galaxies far and wide. I can smell the freedom, no senses have died.

In a world that is filled with peace, a place where lovers laugh and children play. No hatred, death or hunger. No people despising one another. We have a lovers hand. The peace and calmness reaches over the land.

The kiss, the love, the eternal flame. I feel that we are all the same.
No one wishing that they should be more. You are all that you can be.

No more negative thoughts as we look in the mirror. For what you see is a wonderful person staring back at you.

No death, dying or hate, no looking at the clock and think we are running late.

I come from a place where a schedule isn’t being cast. I don’t give you my future but I will tell you my past.

Hold my hand and sit on down beside me. We maybe here for awhile.
Sit on down my friend. Watch with me the big shiny moon above the world so high. Lets count the stars in the sky.

Smell the roses that bloom. We are the lovers of this place you and me and the entire race. We are alone together in this place.

copyright © By Elizabeth Blade

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