Summer Ride


Summer Ride

I was on the summers ride of my life, where candles would burn and I was a wife, Everything in the world was alright.

The birth of a new child, the love of a flame, The days of new and everything with you. Seasons come and seasons go.

Times come, Times Go. Winter rain and snow. The wind that blows. I will be the Summers Ride, On a motorcycle of my life in the great big divide. I am who I am in the world. Lovers are torn. We grow old, We live in a world where feelings can be bought and sold.

Each of us has a mind, a body and a soul. The world connects to the wrong things, they want to connect to easy things, and apps thrown in your hats. The game has been lost. We have forgot what life use to be. The world before technology, It can be a wonderful thing, It can be bliss, but it can also be bad. We disconnect from the friends we use to have. Our online life has taken over, We distant ourselves from face to face, phones are forever in our hands, life has pressures and demands. How I long for the days that use to be.

The life I will tell you about what it means to me. I remember my Mother sitting in her chair, telling me stories and combing my hair. She said “One day you will grow up in this big world” I never thought I’d make it to now. I always thought I would be her little child. I would never grow up out in this world so wild. I wanted to stay a child forever. How I search for a time machine, to turn the clock back. What a endeavour that will be. When everyone I have ever loved that is now lost will be returned to me once more. I could rewind the times to the days I love and cherish. Now all I have are those memories of mine. Where you were here with me and it was so divine.

How I long for those simpler times. But then my mind comes to think of the here and now, It seems colder, and yet I grow bolder, I can talk to people from all over the world just from my living room. I could connect with people far and wide, I have a message and I say it with pride, I will never let the memory of you die.

I love you and I miss you and I will forever more. There is a world I wish to explore. Words I want to tell. People to show who I really am, So share my journey or walk away. Together we can walk on and find a new day. Memories will forever stay. I will catch my summers ride, I will ride through my life to the clouds and stars, up towards the silvery moon. I will be everything I can be, you will be seeing me soon enough. I am me and thats all I will ever be.

Inspiringly Yours

Elizabeth Blade