Communication Breakdown

Communication Breakdown


Communication breaks down, when no one is around to care, or listen. People want power, freedom and to win. To empower themselves, why they weaken other peoples minds.

But you my friend can stand the tests of time. Communication breakdown, it can be sad and lonely when no one is around. It’s not what people can do for you, It’s “ What can you do for me?”

If you don’t make the cut, they will cut you loose, hanging is the invisible noose.

I will cut you down, I will be around. When others desert you, I will be there.

I will take away the wounds, I will be the ear that listens. People can either make you but they can also break you too.

Sometimes promises are broken but I am not to blame. We must do what we do in life. Things happen, sickness kicks in. You struggle as you try and fight within.

People will like you and some will not. Have you forgotten me? Please not.

Here I stand. HERE I AM! I am me. It started with me. It ends with me. I will not stand in the corner and watch you break my world. I will keep walking and create my own. Create my identity, to put my lines in the sand.

To make a difference, I am not here to compete. I am not creating anger and heat. I am not being deceitful or creating lies. I am not talking about you behind your back. But look at mine! Plenty of knives have been stuck in by people I thought I could trust. Then like the bubble that bursts, its bound to bust.

Communication breaks on down, someone will be crying tears of a clown. But It will not be me, I have cried them all too much. If you break me, I will mend. If I smile its not pretend. What you see is what you get. I will be the friend you won’t forget.

But if somehow you find yourself forgetting me, was I that much to you? Were you that much to me? Lets chalk it down to destiny. When you walked away. You took your path and I took mine. I can be the best friend, I can be the best listener too, I have listened too much and never been quite heard.

People think its all in my mind and its quite absurd. Knowing what I know and they do not.. Forget me, or forget me not. I don’t wish the memories rot. Things are what they are and we move on. Times belong, you cannot erase time. You cannot rewind. If I could I would do things differently.

I have made mistakes, I am sure you have too. Don’t go saying things I didn’t do. Remember what I meant to you. Remember the better times. I shall walk to my tomorrows with my head held high, I will cherish the people that walk right along side me. That listens to my message and that wishes me well.

I am no longer caught under your evil spell. I am me, what you see will always be me. I walk on with happiness and glee. Watch my dreams come true. Watch me reach the stars. Watch the fallen ones get up again. You cannot keep me down. I will be around. I am no longer spell bound. A curse, a gift, I am everything you’re not. I have faith, love, respect and loyalty. My heart is royalty. Communication breakdown. We must talk in order to connect.

Inspiringly Yours,

Elizabeth Blade