Ebooks, Podcasts and writing Oh My!

Hello everyone,

I hope that you are all well. To keep you up to date with recent news I am now on Amazon!!!!

And also my new ebook called A Rising Moon on Domestic Violence http://www.amazon.com/dp/B011ONSFB2/ref=cm_sw_r_fa_dp_k8VPvb05YZYGC

I would love to give a special thank you to Maree Cutler -Naroba for writing the introduction of my ebook, it is beautifully written and very heartfelt. I am blown away with praise and kindness of your words. I thank you for that.

Also to everyone that supports me with my journey of writing I would like to thank you also.

In other news. I also have a Podcast! I would very much love you guys and gals to share it around and I hope other likes what they hear and find it inspirational.

To those of you that are members of Goodreads you can also find my ebooks on there.

A Rising Moon on Domestic Violence

And also my first release ebook

In Motion With Devotion

It would mean so much if you could share my links around to all your friends, family and work mates.

My next goal is to make it on more radio programs to promote what I do.. Also to those of you that are not aware.. I am the founder of something that is very passionate to me. “Poets With A Passion Movement”

Poets with a Passion Movement is a community group with a mission to put poetry on the map.

Many would say there isn’t much of a market for poetry and ask the question “why write poetry?”

Our response is “Why Not!”

Poets with a Passion members don’t want poetry to be tucked away in a dusty shelf someplace; we want it in the forefront.

It should be the here and now.
So much soulfulness and feelings have been sucked out of society.
Words can be powerful and we as a movement want to show the world how powerful words can be.
So many people are suffering; we have all suffered our own hell or if you’re lucky to live a charmed life all well and good.
But to those who don’t… words can sooth you.
Why do so many people turn to music?
Because it can bring thoughts and memories and happy feelings.
Words are heard and they can be read.
What people can get by a song can be transformed into feeling that way about a poem.
Words can take us away!
To be blown away into our own selves to make us stop and think if just for a moment.

If you would like to join Poets With A Passion Movement then please fill out the link provided on my website


I am also busy writing more books and working on new podcasts..

Until next time,
Take Care everyone!

Elizabeth Blade