An Interview with Liz

An Interview to myself ( sounds quirky – I know ) I thought I would share some questions I have been taking a mental note of.

These are questions that people have asked me over time.

Now I am answering them all in one interview.

From me to you. I thank you!


What first got you into writing Elizabeth?

When I was younger.. I use to write in such a poetic manner, I would write and create stories. I had a very imaginative mind. I would sit down for hours and just write.

I ended up reading it to my family members, my Mother would say I was beyond my years in my own frame of mind, the way I thought and perceived things.

To answer the question, I just got myself into writing. It was a automatic pull for me. I wrote poetry and later on I ventured into other writing.

So you would say poetry is your first love?

I most certainly would. I love to write it. I can set my mind to write poetry, its a pure emotion that comes from within.


Do you write other genres or just poetry?

I write a variety of genres. I write crime, horror, fantasy, poetry ( of course ) and also children’s books.


Do you have any books out at the moment?

Besides the one I am co-author in, no.


Would you mind telling us about that book? What is the book called?

The book is called Inspiration Bible, A inspirational story for each day of the year. The brain child behind that book is Emily Gowor. So 365 people are involved thats including myself.


Wow that is terrific, anything else you would like to add about that book?

When I had the opportunity to be apart of that book, I was overwhelmed. That will go down as the first ever book I was published in. All I ever want to do is inspire people. I would love to inspire people all over the globe! You have to inspire others to feel inspired within yourself.


That is very wise words. So what would be your message to the world?

My message to the world might sound cliche’ but I believe this wholeheartedly and I want you to be yourself..

People are out to judge others, to put you down or to criticise.. The world is your stage and you be whoever you want to be. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. We all look different, we are unique in our own way. This world is becoming a world of carbon copied people. Trying to dress up and act like your latest celebrity and or fad.. Just be yourself, never try to be someone your not.

Have self respect and pride. Don’t let anyone pressure you into doing this you don’t want to do.

Be the master of your own mind.


Whats your opinions on social media? Good? Or no Good?

I believe that social media can be a friend or an enemy. I miss the more traditional side of things. The more simplistic ways it all use to be before the internet and social media took over.

If someone writes something to me that I find inappropriate or rude, threatening etc, I just block them. I will not tolerate it. Social media bullying will be running ramped, but we don’t have to put up with that.


Do you have any writing role models?

I have always loved Stephen King as many people do. His writing style is terrific. I didn’t read my first novel until I was in my 20s sadly. I wrote more than I ever read. I wish I could turn back time and start reading at an earlier age. I always loved movies and I was so stuck in the movies of the time I was growing up that I never gave books a chance and I regret that.


What got you reading books?

Well my Mum actually.. She handed me a book of Stephen Kings book Christine and I had that on DVD and I have see quite a few of Stephen Kings book-films and she said you might like it more than the movie… It was around 600 pages from what I can remember and I thought it would take the rest of my life to read it since I was never a big reader.. I was surprised I finished it within 3-4 days. Day and night I would read it. I thought it was so much more better than the movie.

The way Stephen King describes things I was actually picturing everything I read, I felt scared just reading it. I had to put the book down a few times I was in awe of how a book can conjure up all these feelings. I collected a few of Stephen Kings novels and I have read quite a few now, his classics mainly.


Do you read anything else besides Stephen King?

I read true crime, paranormal and ghost stories. I also read some poetry, but mainly my own writing these days. (giggles)


How many books are you working on at the moment?

A lot of people are in disbelief when I tell them, but originally I was working on 12 books, then I cut it down to 7 and now I have managed to cut it down to 4, I always have books to go back and work on when others eventually finish.


Do you have advice to writers that get writers block?

Hmm, Thats a tough one. I use to just wait it out, but often other times I will just write something anything at all, if I don’t like it I can always change it later. But never pressure yourself into writing something, sometimes the feeling goes, but it comes back. Just don’t stress over the fact you have writers block, because that never helps.


Do you have a message you want to tell others out there?

I want to tell everyone to be themselves and never pretend to be something they’re not.
To be happy with the skin your in and never try to succumb to pressures of society and social media/celebrity lifestyles. You are you. Be inspiring. Never listen to any negativity. If you have a dream and a goal then I simply say GO FOR IT!!!!

You don’t want a life filled with regrets and moments you didn’t take in life.

I’d like to take the opportunity to also thank everyone for reading this and I hope it made a ripple in a pond. I also hope you all take care of yourselves. Feel free to contact me and say Hi.