Take Charge Of Your Mind

Being negative can distort the mind. To have other negative and ill-minded people will destroy the mind of what could be a comfortable and confident zone.

We own our minds and we each take in the information people try to put into our minds.
For those that undermine your value and way of thinking in a positive light.
Take a deep breath and calm your mind.
Don’t bow to negativity – some people are hate and rage filled.

We can all harness anger and push it out and away.
We should become more positive and happier with ourselves.

Think of something that makes you happy then think what REALLY makes you happy.

Goals and dreams we should work towards. My goal and dream is to inspire many people as possible. We can each make a difference.

What is your goal?
What is your purpose in the great big world?
Sadly some of us just don’t know, sometimes others need to show others the way.

Our minds can sometimes be in slumber until someone comes and awakes us.
We each take charge of who we are.
To be ourselves and radiate ourselves to the world. Some may not take kindly to you or even like your message of who you are.

But negativity can be shaken off like water on a ducks back.

Positivity trumps negativity.
We can triumph and become larger than those who put us down.
People are out there that will try and keep you down to try and boost themselves. But they are not better than you. YOU are YOU!

Do not let anyone destroy your state of mind, your abilities and confidence and self
well- being.

Society has a way of saying you should “Look a certain way” “Your nobody if you don’t have wealth or a celebrity lifestyle” and the amount of countless labels that get casted out onto people. People will judge you without even knowing you at all.

You may not have a cent to your name, but do you know what? You are somebody! Wealth and assets are one thing, but so is personality, having a heart and love and respect for yourself.

I am not saying people with wealth do not have these things, but never undermine your value and self-worth. YOU ARE PRICELESS!
So be who you want to be and never let fear hold you back to whom you want to be in life.

Inspiringly Yours,
Elizabeth Blade