Inspiration is the Key

On the 10th of February I attended my very first Visionary Leadership Conference.

Two inspirational people spoke about visions and goals of life and they made me feel like anything I wish to achieve in life was possible. Or should I put more confidently IS possible.

They spoke of words and wisdom that everyone in the audience was listening to. These two inspirational people were Benjamin J Harvey and Dr John Demartini. Each one are different to the way they bring a message to their audience, but both were telling the same and inspiring messaging that WE CAN DO ANYTHING. We our own person and nothing is impossible.

A lot of people do not know how to explain their passion to people, or are fearful to tell people in case of ridicule and rejection. But as the inspirational words flowed from the mouth to my mind, it really hit home to me.

“If you are not different, then you’re not going to make a difference.”
Now ever since I was a child I have always felt different to others, my way of speaking, the way of looking at the world, the way I perceive things.

I react differently to most things, I literally feel the helplessness in the state of the world and the impurity in the minds that media and some peoples voices relay onto society.

I want to make a difference, even if it is just for one person, at least I managed to make a difference in just one person’s life.

As some of you know may or may not know about me I am a co-author of a Inspiring book and the brainchild behind that is Emily Gowor; I am so fortunate to be a part of a book that inspires. I just want to thank Emily wholeheartedly for the chance for being able to be a part of it.

365 stories and one for every day of the year. I am glad that my words are being touched by many people out there. That people are actually reading and taking my message into their minds and hearts. It’s a wonderful feeling.

I believe that each of us can be leaders. I believe that leaders are learners and we surely learn overtime.
Our past, and our tomorrows are a learning curve. Each of us in life have experienced sadness, happiness and pain. We are who we are because of it.

We can change ourselves if we wish to. To better ourselves, to be happier, and to be more enlightened by the things we do.

It’s important to inspire others. This world is filled with negativity so inspiration is the key.

You inspire to feel inspired.

The most valuable asset is time, and each of us should use that wisely. We should each live with what we love and love with what we live to do.

The mind has a body and that body has a soul and we are the masters of our own life.

As a wise person once told me “If You’re Not Expanding You’re Not Living”

So live.
Fly like the bird and spread your wings.

Live your dream.

I give you thanks, love and support.

Inspiringly yours,
Elizabeth Blade