My Thoughts

I have been thinking a lot lately, we each get judged for simply “being” we get judged for the colour of our skin, our weight size, our social status, our bank accounts, our religion, the way we look and dress.

We ourselves are on jury in the public eye. Social media has become the thing of power for all the keyboard warriors to speak our own minds. Yes we should be able to speak our minds. But since when has we become a nation of ridicules and slander?

Every single one of us is different. No one is “too old” to be who they want to be. For I believe that everyone should have the right and the ability to be themselves without being put down for who they are.

We are ourselves and we in our own minds spend the most time with. We have to live with ourselves and our own beliefs and wants and dreams. Dreams in my humble opinion are important. For those of you that catch yourself saying.. “I cannot do that” Or I am “too old for that” my answer to you is that YOU are not. If you want to write a book, write it, if you want to be an artist be that artist.. You can be anything you want if you dedicate yourself to doing it.

Somethings are challenging and may seem out of reach, but don’t let anyone tell you that your dreams are silly, because if its something you really want then try to get there.

I believe the society has become someone deluded in what we should be as a person. If you are meant to look and a certain ideal way, then wouldn’t we all look like carbon copied people?

Each of us should be whom we want to be and believe what we want to believe in our own mind and heart. No one should be telling you that you should look like the latest celebrity fad.

Everything fades, but if we have a gift, we should share that upon the world. Never let people make you feel like your own self worth. Because each of us are priceless. We are living human beings and we have feelings. Each of us are different in our own unique way.

Don’t let the pressures of your peers or society make you feel like you should be someone completely different.. You are you and that should be good enough. If you don’t like something about yourself then change it, if you want to plan something then arrange it.

Somethings take time, but then again time is all we have. So we must use it wisely.

Listen, learn and love. Be understanding and compassionate to one another. Dream big, think big. Write down your feelings, express it in someway shape or form. We are all here on this earth and we belong. We choose our song, we choose the pages of our own book.

We all have a beginning middle and of course the end.. But what we do in order to close our chapters for good make all the difference. How would you want to be remembered?

Don’t go from this life filled with regrets.. Leave your mark in the sand. Let your memories linger on after you leave this mortal self we are in. Be happy within.