Tomorrow Started

Tomorrow started and yesterday end.

Would you consider yourself a long lost friend? Would we be together until the very end?
I lost you a thousand times but couldn’t bear to lost you once more.

My feelings my thoughts and everything within me has fallen to the floor and it gets buried
beneath this hollow ground. The feelings of safe and sound. The tears I fall when your not

My body aches, my brow sweats. My knees crumble to the ground. Lift me up guide me to
the place I long to look for. Lift me to the place I know exists in my minds eye. Lift me high
to the sky.

My body gets weak and I tire of this place. So much hurt and distrust amongst this human
race, war, blood shed, hatred of the worse kind, we walk around blind and choose not to see.

Are we the devils of destiny? Can we not change hands? Can we not change the

Mouths go hungry, people are homeless. Don’t you ever feel hopeless? Of all the
destruction and mindless abuse? Don’t you feel like you have no use?

But inside all of us, we all have a chance, we can try. We can help each other. We can
change to make this suffering world a better place.

Goodbye to drugs, goodbye to terror, goodbye to wars, Goodbye to the bad people, Hello to the good.

If you had the chance the change it all would you? Lets stop the suffering, this world needs re-buffering.

Stop the government lies, stop the sadness and demise. So many people are dying so soon.
Some never have a chance to really live. The greedy get greedy more and they do not give.

If we seek we will find. Heaven can be a place on earth.. This place can be divine. This
place of yours this place of mine.