I remember on that summers day

I remember on that summers day,

The summer leaf had burnt and shrivelled away.

The grass was dead the
ground was hot
The sun would blaze above me
The sweat dripped down my brow.

How I miss the sound of your voice somehow.
One day I might just forget the sound of your voice
The look of your face, the touch of your hand.

Inside I quiver with loneliness that no man or woman
could understand.

I sit alone and look out to the sea, I see everything
in this world before me.

The land, the sky, the ocean blue,
the memories come flooding back of you.

I sit on this bench alone and grow old,
I sit in the tests of time.
Time we cannot rewind.
It goes forward. So do we.

Tragedy of loss..
why does it need to be?

Everyday I awake, I lose you again once more.
I sit up, and put my feet on the floor, I face another day.

I bow my head and weep and silently pray.
I say…

Why do I feel all alone?
Why does my mind begin to roam.

I feel like ending it all,
I have no one with me,
no one to call.

I feel utterly alone,
frightened and scared.

If only you were there.

A feeling from nowhere washes me down like a wave
on the sands of the shore.

I don’t feel so alone anymore.
I look to you, and I find a way.

A way to face another day.
Another time,
another place.
You are the face,
the place I have always turned too.

I have to remind myself that sometimes
I do feel alone, I much search for guidance,
and know I am not alone.

I must reach out and try,
I cannot sit here any longer
alone and cry.

I must face the world,
I am all I can be for my todays
and all my tomorrows.

Love, beg, steal or borrow.
We must face our tomorrows.

We will live on..
We will stay strong.

We must leave a mark..
So long after we are gone it
echoes through the sands of time.

Our writing is on the wall.
We stood here once and we stood tall.

We outlasted them all.

One day our time will be through..
lets count for what is today..
So our memories will never fade

From The Minds Of Elizabeth Blade