THE SUDDEN DEATH OF THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR HAS SHOCKED ME AS WELL AS MANY OF HIS FANS. I was fortunate enough to tell Warrior how I felt in a email a couple of years ago and I thought to myself that I would never hear from him but hoped within myself that he would read my message.. Three days later he replied and I was over the moon that one of my childhood idols took the time to get back to me.. with beautiful words that not only was on a computer screen.. but it jumped out at me… and hit my deep within as if he was saying the words to me out loud. He took the time out to reply to me. He is the most generous, and caring person on so many levels that I cannot help but give respect to. As a child I admired him and that admiration never went away. It remains with me still today and it will until my time has come. I for one will miss you Warrior. I am glad I got the chance to write a special poem, a special message, and to send you my love that you took with you. I feel honoured that we had words to say to one another. I will never forget that. I miss you and am so saddened I never got to meet you in person. But hearing from you made me see a whole new aspect on life. You are a inspiration. Then, now and forever. Warrior Lives Forever.. Always Believe, Liz Blade