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Brawler 2.0 progress

I've been fixing many bugs to version 2.0.0 of Brawler (maybe better known as the Brawler HD update). Most are simply a by-product of upscaling the entire game, so were unavoidable. It had dawned on me that I've fixed so many of these over a long period of time to the point I've forgotten half the stuff I've already fixed. So on that note, thought I'd share some bug fixes that had nothing to do with this update process itself but have been long outstanding, only now discovered through me crawling back through this code for the update.

Turns out there was yet another bug preventing anyone playing the iPhone/iPad from unlocking the secret character for survival mode. That'll be fixed in this update.
An issue with the AI in survival mode if going one-on-one has now been ironed out in this update also.

Have also made improvements to Stage 4 boss Raptor's AI.

Speaking of bugs, unfortunately, Poser, the program I use for creating my 3D graphics is experiencing a nasty one right now that is preventing me from rendering the newer graphics needed for my Brawler update. Which is why I've been delving more into the code side of things in the meantime.

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