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Back to the Fusion!

The Stencyl remake has been put on hold, but for good reason. I was gutted when I discovered gamepad support wasn’t going to be possible for the Mac version of Brawler created in Fusion. I didn’t know until really far into development either. Having started out as a Mac game developer, it felt really crumby that my supporters on that platform would be getting an incomplete experience.

So that’s where my mission to recreate Brawler in Stencyl comes in. Not only would it support controllers on all platforms, but the other limitation of Fusion being a 32bit application meant it was limited to 2GB of RAM. So rather than being a straight port, I also intended this version to be 720p, I mean with the huge undertaking of recreating everything, it would be silly if this update did nothing more than add controller support.

Over a year and nearing on 2, not a lot of progress has been made sadly. Intros, menus and the beginnings of the 1st stage... so essentially just a proof of concept after all that time. It certainly seems like it would be possible, but there is a LOT that still needs to be recreated.

Over this time however, some very interesting developments have surfaced. Clickteam has done a nifty little hack that makes their 32bit Fusion ignore tradition and go beyond its imposed 2GB limit. Then there has even been an extension released by Phi that allows controller support for both Mac & PC. So I can now, use Clickteam Fusion to create a 720p version of Brawler with full controller support, my original goal! Long story, but now you understand the reasoning for dropping the Stencyl remake. Being built using the original code would also give a more 1:1 version that may look very different by the end with the resolution boost and re-rendered graphics, but will retain everything anyone has come to love about the original game. Unfortunately, it does mean the last couple of years have been wasted somewhat, but I'm sure the free upgrade fans of Brawler get out of it will still be worth the wait.

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