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Brawler coming soon

Brawler is nearing completion. The core game itself is now complete and ready to go. Now just need to work on more presentation type things like game icons, screenshots for publishing and a video preview. Before I can do that however, I still have the intro I'm working on... and this is where my 2015 iMac is really showing its age with the rendering of the full-screen animation frames for the intro. It could still be a few weeks before it is done. So looking forward to these M1 powered Mac Mini's since all my pre-rendered graphics are rendered using my CPU.

Anyway, in the meantime while I wait for my renders to finish I have updated my website once again, visually it's an updated version of an older look my website was already sporting a little while back, hope you all enjoy it and thank you for sticking around as I know it has been a while since my last new release.

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