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Different directions

There are yet more delays, as you might have already guessed by the lack of news or updates from me. By some cruel fate after abandoning GameSalad because of its expensive subscription-based system that locks me out of my own hard work unless I pay them ongoing fees… Construct 3, Construct 2′s successor does that exact same thing (although at a lower cost point). So I turn my attention back to the good old reliable ClickTeam and their Fusion program that is now available for Mac. The other thing that has changed my direction is writer’s block. Bioroid was coming along nicely in Fusion… but I’m not a writer and the story is branching into multiple paths and I’ll just have to shelve it for now. So instead I’ll begin work creating Brawler using Fusion, so keep an eye out for future updates to this awesome beat ‘em up that’ll get my full attention moving forwards.

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