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Unfortunately greed seems to be a top driving force behind GameSalad as they have now made it so no one can use it to create games without paying a monthly subscription. I want that to sink in for a moment… This makes GameSalad the most expensive game creator in existence… and that is despite the fact that most other game creators are a lot more robust and feature rich! It’s not the first time GameSalad has been the cause of major delays for me with creating games, but this will be the last time since I have dropped GameSalad for the much more competent and powerful Construct 2. While having to learn Construct 2 now and recreate everything I had already created in GameSalad for my upcoming game is a major set back… even this early on some aspects of my new game are already greatly enhanced thanks to using a much better game creator like Construct 2. I’m already looking forward to see what I can accomplish with Construct 2 now and in the future.

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