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News & Announcements

Now on Steam!

Brawler is my first title to hit Steam. So if you haven't already purchased it from the Mac App Store or you simply prefer using Steam you can now get it from here!
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Brawler is finally here!

The day is finally here. Brawler is out right now! You can get it right now through the Apple App Store for macOS or iOS. Also, expect to see it appearing on other storefronts and platforms very shortly.
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Brawler coming soon

Brawler is nearing completion. The core game itself is now complete and ready to go. Now just need to work on more presentation type things like game icons, screenshots for publishing and a video preview. Before I can do that however, I still have the intro I'm working on.
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The 32-bit Apocalypse

Please be aware that Apple has decided that from macOS 10.15 (Catalina) onward 32-bit games and applications don't deserve to exist.
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Website update

Have been rendering more graphics for Brawler, so in the meantime I've been upgrading this website.
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The 2019 update

I just noticed it was 2017 the last time I posted an update. I should really try to make sure I’m posting news here at least once a year. Because of the huge lack of updates, here is a early work in progress of Brawler.
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Different directions

There are yet more delays, as you might have already guessed by the lack of news or updates from me. By some cruel fate after abandoning GameSalad because of its expensive subscription-based system that locks me out of my own hard work unless I pay them ongoing fees…
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Your favourite digital game stores

My games are now available from all of your favourite online stores. Not only can you find them on the Mac App Store and MacGameStore, but did you know they are now also available from Desura, IndieGameStand, and too?
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News & Announcements feed

Visitors of my site may have noticed that this news section looks a little different. Instead of having a feed retrieved from a blog like I have in the past, this section is now a true part of the site.
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Unfortunately greed seems to be a top driving force behind GameSalad as they have now made it so no one can use it to create games without paying a monthly subscription. I want that to sink in for a moment…
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