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Soulless turns 13!

To celebrate the 13th anniversary of Soulless, a previously unreleased version of the game built with Stencyl has been polished off and content from both the previous versions of the game from 2008 and the 2.0.0 update in 2014 have been put into this latest release to provide a deluxe version of the game!
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1.1.2 is the latest Brawler update

Still no luck with the iOS update I'm afraid, but meanwhile, there is another update that should fix any saving issues anyone may have with Brawler. In short, if your settings didn't save or you couldn't unlock any other characters this is the fix you have been waiting for.
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Brawler update 1.1.1

Just a small update to fix a bug that 1.1.0 introduced where enemies became unnaturally difficult to attack from stage 4 onwards.
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Brawler update 1.1.0 is live!

The biggest update to Brawler to date since its release is here. This update comes with numerous bug and visual tweaks, a new item pickup that grants extra time and a complete overhaul of the game's difficulty.
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Fan art

A new fan art section has been added to the Brawler page. I really appreciate every sale of my game, and today another honour I really appreciate. Brawler has just received some fan art...
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The choice of stores you can get Brawler from continues to grow. So now not only can you get it from the Mac App Store and Steam but now you can also get it from the MacGameStore!

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Now on Steam!

Brawler is my first title to hit Steam. So if you haven't already purchased it from the Mac App Store or you simply prefer using Steam you can now get it from here!
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Brawler is finally here!

The day is finally here. Brawler is out right now! You can get it right now through the Apple App Store for macOS or iOS. Also, expect to see it appearing on other storefronts and platforms very shortly.
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Brawler coming soon

Brawler is nearing completion. The core game itself is now complete and ready to go. Now just need to work on more presentation type things like game icons, screenshots for publishing and a video preview. Before I can do that however, I still have the intro I'm working on.
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The 32-bit Apocalypse

Please be aware that Apple has decided that from macOS 10.15 (Catalina) onward 32-bit games and applications don't deserve to exist.
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