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Soulless now available on the Windows 8 Store

Soulless Arrives on the Mac App Store

Great Wrestling Game for the Mac

User jshapiro00 form the Mac App Store left a nice 4 star review of Powerslam, so I thought I’d share it. Thanks jshapiro00! :)

Great Wrestling Game for the Mac
by jshapiro00 - Version 1.0 - Jan 28, 2012

This is a great wrestling game that brings back memories of the classic Federation Online from years ago. Don’t expect a Smackdown vs Raw experience, the graphics and controls are very simple but that’s what keeps the game fun. My only two major complaints is I’d like to see a bigger more open arena or backstage area and it seems no matter how beaten my oppenent is, I cannot get them to submit or stay down for a 3 count, I just punch them one more time and they get KOed. Other than that this game has been a blast from the past to play.

2014: The year of Soulless

Well Soulless is almost here. There appears to be a few bugs with GameSalad right now, which may mean a slight delay with the release of Soulless 2.0… but if I’m really lucky it’ll still pass Apple’s review phase and be up in the Mac App Store along with Powerslam before you know it.


Hostamania has been great so far. Amazing response time from the staff and its still only in its beta phase. Look forward to being hosted by these guys for the long haul.

Change of webhost

Soulless update still possible in 2013

It was Halloween of 2008 that Soulless first saw the light of day. Sadly the update won’t be here in time for this year’s Halloween, but fingers crossed it may still be here before the year is out.

The image here is the new look mission briefing screen. I’ve decided to do away with the secrecy of level paths as you can now see all explorable levels as well as the one you are currently up to with this Ziltron map. Decided to do this as some players didn’t even know that Soulless had multiple paths. This is also a good way to show exactly where I’m up to, all 10 levels on the left are finished and ready, while I still have to recreate the 11 levels on the right in GameSalad.

The return to GameSalad

Unfortunately, Soulless seems to be plagued with bad luck. I guess it is just as well I never set a release date for this update. Stencyl provided yet another dead end but worry not as there will still be an update to Soulless. Improvements are too numerous to list as the entire game engine is being rebuilt from scratch using GameSalad, so much has changed. Some things to look forward to however include more story elements, more detailed graphics for portraits and endings, new zombies, multiple end game bosses to discover along with a lot of other little surprises. So don’t give up, because I haven’t, I’ve even posted a pic of the most recent level I just finished recreating these past couple of weeks.image

The latest on Soulless

The good news is that Soulless 2.0 is complete and ready. The bad news is that it doesn’t currently compile in Stencyl 3. So depending on how long this issue will take to iron out will determine how much longer until Soulless hits the Mac App Store and iOS App Store. Fingers crossed someone over at Stencyl can help me with this as the log file doesn’t even show any errors, so this could be a tricky thing to track down. So in the meantime I’ll begin work on my next title. Stay tuned!

Old IMG Review of Soulless from 2008

Most people don’t need much from a platformer. A little variety in the background, a few interesting puzzles, or even interesting ways to make things blow up are enough to make most people happy. The question lies in whether that’s enough for anyone to want to spend any money. Usually, it isn’t.

Sadly, Soulless is lacking any really interesting gameplay elements. It mainly consists of running around in a sphere of darkness and firing at zombies with a machine gun. This wouldn’t be so bad if it was a machine gun with different varieties of bullets, or if the enemies acted more intelligent than a homing missile, but all you can do is point in their general direction and hold down the firing button.

The platforming elements are also a tad premature. The character jumps sloppily and can often miss a platform because he jumped just a little too early. Not that it matters, though, as there’s no falling damage or death pits. You just climb all the way back up and keep trying until you finally cross the divide. You can also jump over zombies if you try hard enough, but that often gets you swatted so you might as well stand still and fire until they explode.

Well, until you run out of bullets. This happens extremely often if you pick a character with high “speed” as the speed translates into firing the machine gun faster with lesser damage. The enemies still die just as fast, but you waste a whole ton of bullets per enemy. This can be particularly devastating in levels without any reloads scattered around. For instance, there’s a level where dozens of zombies fall from above and you have to stand still and shoot them until you run out of bullets and die. It’s almost guaranteed that you will die, as the zombies tend to fall faster than you can shoot them. There’s also nowhere to run and hide.

The graphics are a little better. The backgrounds aren’t very varied, but they are interesting to look at occasionally. The enemies are poorly animated sprites that explode into blood and guts when they die, though. There’s nothing that exceptional there. The character looks the same no matter who you pick to play, and it can’t even shoot downwards. Upwards, forward, and slanted upwards, sure! But when zombies are crawling underneath your crouched fire, it seems really silly to not allow you to fire downwards.

The sound is ok. The machine gun sounds like a semi-automatic machine gun, the doors open with a classic sliding sound, and the canisters occasionally clink against the ground. However, half the zombies don’t make any noticeable sound when they die, and the other half scream annoyingly loudly. The music for the menu and marine selection screen is actually pretty good, though. It’s a shame it’s only heard for a short period before the jarring track of the actual game loops forever. None of this would be particularly bad, but there’s no way to turn off the sound or music. You’re stuck with it.

Overall, there’s really no reason to pay money for Soulless. It’s a pretty good attempt for a first try, but it’s not something that’s anywhere near the level of quality for half the free games on the market. For instance, The Magical Flying Pink Pony Game (google it) is way more fun and it can last you for hours!

Until Soulless is seriously improved, $12.95 is too high a cost. It needs a variety in levels, better sound and music, and something more than just holding down the firing button.


• Multiple characters


• Character choice doesn’t matter

• Poor graphics

• Annoying sound and music

• Monotonous gameplay


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