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News & Announcements

New Site Design

It has been a while now, but today visitors to my site will be treated to the rather pleasant surprise of a total site re-design. Hope you enjoy the new look as much as I did creating it. Now back to more game developing.

Cobra's games on MacGameStore

I think it’s important to start a new year with promise and hope. Something to look forward to. With that in mind, and the new year only hours away. Here is a little screen shot of a game that may just come out next year.

App Store Rules becoming ludicrous

My origins

It has been a bit of a journey creating games. My earliest attempts coding on my Commodore 64 that got me no where. Then playing around a bit with Klik and Play on the High School computers. From there I created the closest thing I could call a game by modding M.U.G.E.N, back when it was alive and only on DOS. I also played around a bit with RPG Maker but never did much more than some intros.

My first actual personal success was when I got a copy of The Games Factory, the successor to Klik and Play. I create a Tetris inspired game called GemTrix. Never commercially released, and just given away to some friends. Long lost now, but that was the true beginning.

In 2008 I had a blast with how easy Jesse Simko’s Power Game Factory was to work with. Too much fun in fact, as I was hoping to create a Wizard of Wor inspired game… but because of how great PGF was I HAD to switch over to it. As it only allowed for 2D platformers to be created, my first commercial release, Soulless was born. A 2D action platformer. Sure it only sold about 30 downloads, but it was my entry into the indie game scene.

The journey didn’t end there however, as I then moved onto BlitzMax to create Powerslam, the only wrestling game ever to come out for Mac OS X at the time. Due to the pure code nature of Blitz, I was lucky to have the help of Mat Dickie & Erik Hogan to see me through on that one. As I learnt from my C64 days, I’m no coder.

I then rebuilt Soulless from the ground up in GameSalad. It was a directors cut kind of update, adding the little touches I couldn’t do originally. But the main goal was of that was to get Soulless onto the App Store and see if I could finally find commercial success after all those years of game creation… but sadly that wasn’t to be it seems. Oh well.. maybe my next game.

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