Soulless review by ShineApp

Soulless is an interesting 2D platform game, a game designed for MAC OSX and now available to iOS devices.


Soulless storyline is rather usual. A lot of zombies have appeared and you control a special marine team which has to defeat them. Your team starts with 3 marines, each one having a different rating for speed and power. During your play, you will encounter other marines which will join you and you may use them as well. The various marines who join your party play the role of extra lives, which is very important to complete all your tasks. If the health points of your marine are over, the marine dies but you may continue with another marine, till all of your marines die.

The game is separated into sectors, and in each one you have a certain task to achieve( for example, clear an area of all zombies or proceed to the next sector).


The zombies you may encounter vary as well. You will find zombies that throw knives, fall from above or even split gas to you. You have to keep an eye for them, as the game’s atmosphere is quite dark and the background as well, and they may appear suddenly as you move forward. During your play, you may also find ammo and health packs, which will aid your job.

The controls of the game are simple enough. At the left side of the screen, you may find the moving pad, with arrows to all directions, plus two that make you lean to the left or right and look up. At the right side of the screen, you will find the jump and shoot button. I had an issue at the beginning, especially when I was trying to tap the shoot button, as it was not responding quite well, but as the time passed, I get used to it. Not a big problem I suppose.

In my opinion, Soulless is a classic 2D platform game, a bit of retro, and I assure you that everyone will enjoy playing it. It has a long storyline, so it will keep you for quite a time. I think you should give it a try.