Softpedia Editor's Review for Soulless

Survive the zombie outbreak that took over the artificial settlement, eliminate all encountered soulless creatures and rescue survivors

Written by George Popescu on April 3rd, 2014

Soulless is an engaging arcade shooter that takes you to Ziltron, an artificial settlement where a deadly zombie outbreak took out the entire base. The origin of the outbreak is still unknown, all communications with the Earth are lost and, as a result, you and your dedicated team of Space Marines have to travel there and investigate the case.

Retro gameplay

Soulless comes with intuitive keyboard controls, 1990s like graphics and an interesting story that slowly reveals itself as you progress through the game. Your main objective is to rescue any existing survivors, survive the soulless creatures, kill all hostile presence and find the source of the outbreak.

Multi-path game

Soulless provides numerous paths that you can try as you explore Ziltron. Each path leads you to new discoveries, traps and survivors. The lighting conditions will make it difficult for you to spot the zombies from distance.

The biggest challenge is to constantly monitor and manage the ammo consumption. A difficult and essential task since you are provided with a limited number of bullets. The brainless creatures which will always come after you when your presence is sensed make it even harder for you to use the minimum amount of ammo.

Nine different characters

There are a total of nine different playable characters that you can play with. Each personage comes with its own set of abilities such as fire power and movement speed. Using the desired character you need to complete over ten challenging missions and survive twenty one stages.

What is more, each survivor has a different ending and at the end of the 10th mission you have to face a merciless boss in order to complete your mission.