iOS 11

You’ve probably already been hearing bad things about iOS 11, and it’s no surprise. Apps and games we have purchased since way back all still worked, for the most part, one update through to the next… but that all came to an end with iOS 11. Soulless too is one of the many games that no longer works in the latest OS.

Now, this is why I hate subscription based game editors. If I want to submit an update of Soulless I’ll have to subscribe to GameSalad to regain access to my own creation.  It will cost me $37 ($29 US) to do this. However, if all doesn’t go well and it turns out I have to make major changes to Soulless to get it working again after the update… I’ll be paying $37 per month until I can get a working update up on the App Store again. So you can see why I have so much hatred for these subscriptions scams. So this isn’t in the cards for me. If you do need access to Soulless for your iPhone or iPad, hit me up using the contact form on my site and I will go down this painful path for you since you shouldn’t have to suffer for GameSalad’s greed.