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Different directions

There are yet more delays, as you might have already guessed by the lack of news or updates from me. By some cruel fate after abandoning GasmeSalad because of its expensive subscription-based system that locks me out of my own hard work unless I pay them ongoing fees… Construct 3, Construct 2′s successor does that exact same thing (although at a lower cost point). So I turn my attention back to the good old reliable ClickTeam and their Fusion program that is now available for Mac. The other thing that has changed my direction is writer’s block. Bioroid was coming along nicely in Fusion… but I’m not a writer and the story is branching into multiple paths and I’ll just have to shelve it for now. So instead I’ll begin work creating Brawler using Fusion, so keep an eye out for future updates to this awesome beat ‘em up that’ll get my full attention moving forwards.

Your favourite digital game stores

My games are now available from all of your favourite online stores. Not only can you find them on the Mac App Store and MacGameStore, but did you know they are now also available from Desura, IndieGameStand, and too? That just leaves GOG and Steam…


Unfortunately greed seems to be a top driving force behind GameSalad as they have now made it so no one can use it to create games without paying a monthly subscription. I want that to sink in for a moment… This makes GameSalad the most expensive game creator in existence… and that is despite the fact that most other game creators are a lot more robust and feature rich! It’s not the first time GameSalad has been the cause of major delays for me with creating games, but this will be the last time since I have dropped GameSalad for the much more competent and powerful Construct 2. While having to learn Construct 2 now and recreate everything I had already created in GameSalad for my upcoming game is a major set back… even this early on some aspects of my new game are already greatly enhanced thanks to using a much better game creator like Construct 2. I’m already looking forward to see what I can accomplish with Construct 2 now and in the future.

Back to the ‘80s

When David Hasselhoff unleashed his new music video True Survivor, it wasn’t just me that got blasted back into the ‘80s, it was my website too! Don’t believe me? Just look at it http://CobraBlade.NET

Best Tizen Apps reviews Soulless

Soulless – Save Ziltron, Kill All Zombies

Take back the artificial settlement in space Ziltron, kill all the Zombies that ravaged the base. Ziltron has been over-run by Zombies and you are the last hope of mankind. All you need is a group of expert space Marine to take back Ziltron, choose from your first squad Quake, Wrath and Thor.


You mission clean and the Ziltron sector by sector and kill all the zombies. Venture inside the Ziltron, save some survivors, and help them defeat the zombies. It’s a challenge travelling from sector to sector especially in the dark environment,  inside each sector you have to go in a network of rooms, go up and down the ladder, ride an elevator but be careful as a herd of zombies might be lurking in the dark corners.

“Full of suspense and action, it’s not just about shooting Zombies, but a mission to save Ziltron” – Love the story and gameplay, it will surely get you hooked!

Shoot them fast but be careful not to run out of ammo, I think the best way to kill them is to shoot and run strategy, until the zombies are dead, and don’t get close to the Zombies as it will be hard for you to escape once they caught you.


In your mission you will encounter some marines that will be part of your team; this will give you more chances of survival and finish the level fast.

So far we enjoyed playing the Soulless, a mission action game from Cobra Blade it’s a cool game for your TIzen phone, also available in other platform the game is one of the top pick for those who are looking for action packed, suspense shooting game.


Description: A zombie outbreak has take out the artificial settlement Ziltron. You goal is to rescue any survivors and discover the source behind this sudden outbreak.

OVER ALL RATING:  (4.0 / 5)


GAMEPLAY:   (4.0 / 5)


SOUNDS:   (3.0 / 5)


GRAPHICS:   (3.5 / 5)


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