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Your favourite digital game stores

My games are now available from all of your favourite online stores. Not only can you find them on the Mac App Store and MacGameStore, but did you know they are now also available from Desura, IndieGameStand, and too?
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News & Announcements feed

Visitors of my site may have noticed that this news section looks a little different. Instead of having a feed retrieved from a blog like I have in the past, this section is now a true part of the site.
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Unfortunately greed seems to be a top driving force behind GameSalad as they have now made it so no one can use it to create games without paying a monthly subscription. I want that to sink in for a moment…
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Best Tizen Apps reviews Soulless

Take back the artificial settlement in space Ziltron, kill all the Zombies that ravaged the base. Ziltron has been over-run by Zombies and you are the last hope of mankind.
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The Vance Lawrence Daily

Today saw Soulless featured in the technology section of Vance Lawrence Daily. It links back to my site (thanks for that!) and has an excerpt form Mobile Apps Review’s review.
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New Site Design

It has been a while now, but today visitors to my site will be treated to the rather pleasant surprise of a total site re-design. Hope you enjoy the new look as much as I did creating it.
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Cobra's games on MacGameStore

Before there was a Mac App Store, my main goal of creating my Mac games was to see them up on MacGameStore. That goal has now been realised. Thank you MacGameStore!
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New Year

I think it’s important to start a new year with promise and hope. Something to look forward to. With that in mind, and the new year only hours away. Here is a little screen shot of a game that may just come out next year.
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App Store Rules becoming ludicrous

I discuss the issue over at the GameSalad forum, as well as posting what the App Store reviewer had to say about the ridiculous new rule. Apparently, Apple has brought in a new rule that says no screenshots can contain guns.
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My origins

It has been a bit of a journey creating games. My earliest attempts coding on my Commodore 64 that got me no where. Then playing around a bit with Klik and Play on the High School computers.
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